Managing Collaborators

To use Atlas’s collaboration features you first need to have collaborators on a project. Click the “Project Settings” link in the top right corner when viewing your project.

Follow the Project Settings link to manage collaborators

Use the form to invite a collaborator via email address. If the email matches an Atlas account the user will immediately be able to see the project. If there is no corresponding account then an email will be sent inviting the person to sign up for Atlas.

Setting the permissions for a collaborator

When adding a collaborator there are two permission levels to choose from, Collaborator and Owner. A Collaborator will only be able to make edits to the project from within their own branch, not directly to master. As an Owner a user has the ability to accept or reject changes as well as edit the master branch directly.

To manage group members, visit the Group Settings page. You must be a group owner to add collaborators.

We will cover more aspects of collaboration in Atlas in future posts.